dE.RECtORS kREAtiVE is one of African’s leading independent creative and multimedia company; a multi-talented and indigenous creative centric company, focused on creative inventions and reinventions, branding and rebranding, creating and recreating, developing & providing world class multimedia planning, services and consultancy to leading local and international clients across the country and the sub-region.

dE.RECtORS kREAtiVE is a full creative service designing firm cutting across stage technologies, graphics, animations, branding, printing press, films & documentary, video editing, arts & craft, concerts equipment and entertainment, fashion, events designs and implementation, general multimedia specifications and consultancy. With her headquarters in Lagos Nigeria, our products and services are spread across Africa and beyond.

dE.RECtORS kREAtiVE is known for its creative ability to synchronise tribal and local physical ideas and arts with contemporary innovations for an outstanding production.

dE.RECtORS kREAtiVE believes in trado-modern innovations.

Please, see our services panel to see the different services and products we offer

Our Vision

The pioneer of the 3 rd generational creative production company

Our Mission

  • To create … recreate,
  • to invent … reinvent,
  • to brand … to rebrand, unto excellence
Concert Equipment

Get affordable equipment for your next event; sound, stage, lights, and
cameras. With a FREE event location diagnoses.

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Exquisite Event Planning & Management

Get hardworking and relentless ideas and coordination for your next event; Wedding, Birthdays, Anniversary, Showers, Dedication and more.

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New Nollywood Industry

Looking forward to joining the New Nollywood industry?

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Company Branding

New company or existing? Let’s sit, talk and design your identity from ideas to print, and further showcase it to the world.

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Your One-Stop Creative Designs & Prints

Get creative designs and prints at an affordable price, FREE delivery within Lagos state.

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Fashionise Your Style

Get trending with our fashion and entertaining outfits. Look different, look gorgeous, and look your style.

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Creativity at every touch...
unto excellence.


Our Team

MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTIONSEvent Lighting. Stage. Sound. Cameras.

MEdiA dE.RECtORS specialises in providing total events solutions and services which includes but is not limited to Lights and Sound, Entertainment, Advertising, Audio-Visual Reinforcement, Stage design and management, Publishing, Media Consultancy, Production, Events Marketing and Management, Concerts, Music Videos, Documentaries, Equipment procurement and installations, among others. We are committed to exceed whatever standards are in existence in the field of Arts & Media. We therefore consistently maximize the potentials of our highly skilled personnel to focus on our services.

Experience professional audio, lighting & staging productions with our standard equipment and professionalism, proving services and equipment for concerts conventions, theatre and trade shows. We will work with you to provide the best audio-visual solutions to fit your budget and achieve your objects. We look forward to a mutually satisfying and fulfilling professional relationship with you, as we reassure you of our 100% dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm towards any of your projects that you may entrust to us.

Know this…
– We are innovative
– We are awesome

For full production services, equipment and hire pricing or just some expert advice. From budget preparation through to the finished edit, our production team is standing by to help you.


We create the mood your brand needs in order to shine under the best light. Any location can become the premium place for your event.

Our Gear

  • Moving heads
  • Moving head profiles
  • Moving head wash
  • LED moving heads
  • Source 4 lanterns
  • Crank lifts
  • Avolite Tiger Touch


Our Equipment on Rental

HMI                                                      Fresnel spotlights
Quartz                                                  Fluorescent
Softlight                                               Speciality
Light support/accessories               Dimmers
Cables                                                  Generators
Camera equipment                           Sound equipment
Grip equipment

FILM PRODUCTIONfilm making. theatre productions. musical videos. documentary

The art and act of creating MAKE-BELIEF through the screens of your tv or phone app, or through a stage performance is also a priority of REC.FILMS. This department specialises in motion picture production and theatre performances. We are one of Nigeria’s unique and creative film and Theatre Company. And we are available to be your number one Executive Producer/Producer for any of your production. We are an indigenous and contemporary production outfit, and at your service to achieving your dreams

We Provide

  • Stories                                                   Scripts (advert, short film, tv shows
  • Directing consultancy                        Actors/Dancers/Stunts
  • Production management                  Editing
  • Pre-production, production and post-production    services Consultancy

Our Services our Available for

Advertisements                                                TV shows
Reality shows                                                    Radio/Tv jingles
Musical videos                                                  Radio drama
Tv soap opera                                                   Full length movie
Seasonal movies                                              Concert


PRINTING PRESSgraphics. prints. souvenirs. general print contracts

REC. dESiGNS+PRiNt specialises in general prints contract and designs. It is a full-service Creative Design boutique specializing in the most affordable Branding, Print & Communication Design, Retail & Package Design, Campaign Concepts Development, gift items customisation, souvenirs, vehicle branding, t-shirts/face cap prints, ID cards, Letterhead, etc.


  • We don’t just develop ideas
  • We create and implement ideas for company branding concepts
  • We create design theme and consistency from ideas to implementation
  • We support SMEs for brand positioning
  • We verge at the edge of innovation, most times.
  • We work with you to develop solutions that meet consumer needs.
  • We help brands explore creative marketing approaches to foster loyalty.

We Provide

  • Stories
  • Scripts (advert, short film, tv shows
  • Directing consultancy
  • Actors/Dancers/Stunts
  • Production management
  • Editing
  • Pre-production, production and post-production services Consultancy
Business Identity

what’s your concert? From idea and further more.  We create from Logo design, letterhead, ID cards, Billboards, banners, receipts, etc


We sit and talk your concert out; working to generate a persuasive concept, messages and an impressive image for all your marketing communication requirements: Fliers, brochures, journals, bulletins, catalogues, newspaper,
magazines, and more.


Promotions is vital for any personality or business. We work creatively to develop promotional ideas for SMEs, corporate bodies, events, personalities, organisations, etc. These includes; paper/gift bags, mugs,
writing items, table calendars, souvenirs, and lots more


Anchored on a single theme which best suits our clients, and stretched
across multiple on-line and off-line engagement channels. We develop a suite of implementable campaigns that can be deployed to meet our bottom line.


You have information backed with designs you want to share with the
world. We make it noticed, grabbing your audience’s attention; whether banners, signage, exhibition graphics, interior or exterior graphics, postal, and lots more.


Our design concepts and creativity extends into creative and promotional branding all types of vehicles. Be it corporate car branding, bus or van branding, truck branding or promotional vehicle branding,
we are creatively available to brand it and reflect your corporate identity, and make it a natural marketing tool for your organization. Your corporate image is in our heart and our team of professional designers will use the latest technology to ensure your vehicle is branded, not only to meet your graphic and branding requirement but also your corporate image goals.

EVENT MANAGEMENTSEvent management. Party items. Party Props

Our event department is actively available for all your events and special occasion managements, coordination, sales and rental services.

Our services cut across occasions like; Birthday, Anniversary, corporate event, meetings, weddings, seminars, Bridal showers, Baby shower, Baby sprinkle, naming, Dedications and more.  

Our event manager is highly trained to manage your event from the scratch to the finishing line; from that point where you have no clue at all on how to go about putting your event in a piece to the point where we create exactly what you want.

Our Services Includes

Floor plan                                                Event Logo design
Coordination                                          Organising                               Planning                                                  Scheduling
Purchasing                                              Recruiting and outsourcing
Execution                                                And striking

Our charge is very affordable

Party Items and Props

You have that one special event coming, and you need to decorate the place with party essentials, floral, vase, drippings, banners and more. Our Party Essentials; items and props are also unavoidably available for sales and rental to spice up your event.  Make your party come to live! Let’s creatively create theme atmospheric decorations for the party.

Remember, our party items and props are available for –

  • Theme party                                 Birthday party
  • Anniversary                                  Graduation
  • Seminars                                       Bridal showers
  • Baby showers                               etc

Bridal Showers / Baby Showers & Baby Sprinkle / Bachelorette

Enjoy a whole lot of customised bridal shower items from our online store; ranging from items, props, photo props, photo booths, tiara, bunnies, sash, banner, feather boa, and lots more.

Get creative theme ideas from our varieties of theme products and props. We also brand and customise every item you want to use for your shower, pre-wedding, hen-night and bachelorette

The baby shower and baby sprinkle are not left out in our creative ideas. We create that heavenly atmosphere to congratulate the expecting mum and welcome her baby, using a whole themed and items required.

We provide

  • Decorations                 Items
  • Drippings                     Banners
  • Props                             Games
  • photo booth                 and lots more

Our Services Includes

Floor plan








Event Logo design

Recruiting and Outsourcing

Event management

  • INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/de.eventers/


  • INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/partypropsstore/


  • INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/bridalshowerstore/





Every business (small, medium and large scale) frequently need a medium to reach their prospective customers online and offline, either to sell something, create awareness and remain top of the game.

BRAND DE RECTORS solves this problem using the power of digital marketing. We analyse the value your business offers, your customers, competition and come up with a suitable and cost effective digital strategy to help you reach and connect with your target audience.

Without the customer, businesses wouldn’t exist. Every day, customers are actively looking for businesses that would offer them innovative and value added products/services that would make their lives easier.  At BRAND DE RECTORS, we give you the advantage by placing you in front of your target audience ahead of your competition and positioning you as industry leaders with unique offerings that your customers can’t do without.


Our IT personnel are called to create that world wide web that represents you and your company globally; a website that is unique and made to create that internet presence you deserve, that web design that portrays what your organisation is into; that website that creates interaction and relationship between you and the global market, whether on phone app or website.

Apart from designing, we also program, build and launch your site. If required, we can also register your domain and host your website, write the content and optimize your site. All our sites are built with your success in mind, and we ensure that they follow a proven search engine optimization norm.

With our advanced knowledge of WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Php, Prestashop, Flash animation etc. we create a “look and feel” design compatible with your brand, niche and target audience. Sites for schools, church, company, wedding,  etc.


To thrive in today’s digital world, businesses have to invest in Search Engine Optimization. As a matter of fact, any business that doesn’t take SEO seriously would soon be out of business. When potential customers are looking for products and services online, they use search engines like google to look for them. If your Company doesn’t come up on the first page when they search keywords that describe your core business, you have just lost a client to your competitors.  We help you get your business found online by customers ahead of your competition.

  • Keyword research                           Competitive research
  • On-page optimization                    Content updates and layout
  • Link building services                    Local Citation & Listing Services

Digital is no longer the future. Digital is NOW.  We are adept at combining the elements of internet marketing to deliver superior value to your customers and turn them into advocates of your brand. Be rest assured when you contract us, we digitally market your goods/services globally, creating contents and all it takes.


Your target audience is online looking for brands to engage them. If you don’t act, your competitors will. BRAND DE RECTORS is a solution partner, a social media marketing platform amongst the best in the world, specialised in using Social Media to help businesses achieve goals especially of awareness, increasing customer base and customer services. Available are Social media management, campaigns, content creation & management



Our subsidiary, Rec.Stitches fashion outfit is a unique fashion and entertainment clothing line that comprises of fashion, media and entertainment. Rec.Stitches engages in all forms of fashion, styling, embroidery and stitching.

Our services are –

  • Bespoke                                              Bridal train
  • Aso ebi                                                Fabrics
  • Ankara                                                Ankara fashion
  • And lots more


Rec.Stitches is a prestigious Fashion media and entertainment outfit that provides quality service with timely delivery. Rec.Stitches also offers professional bespoke and already-made clothing to measure international standard clothing outfits and exhibition.

Our tailoring professional services are available for

  • Events                                                                    Movies
  • Photo shoots                                                         Brides & Bridesmaid
  • Wedding                                                                Runway exhibitions
  • Corporate outings/workforce                           Casual wears
  • Matching accessories,                                         Ankara/Ankara styling


LANDS AND PROPERTIES“It’s not too late to own a home or a plot in Lagos or the axis of Lagos/Ogun state. Know how to get a plot or home and make monthly payments”

Do you have questions about how De Rectors can help your company? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or phone between 8:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday — we would be delighted to speak.

Your details are kept strictly confidential as per our Privacy Policy.

MAKE-UP ARTISTRYLooking to get an exquisite bridal make-up for a wedding, bridal shower, event or any occasion, movie, photo shoot, and lots. We got you covered, home service at an affordable charge.

Do you have questions about how De Rectors can help your company? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or phone between 8:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday — we would be delighted to speak.